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Message From Chairman

Dear Shareholders of Matching Maximize Solution Plc.

    According to Nielsen Media Research, the advertising spending in the Thai advertising industry in 2019 amounted to 105,673 million baht, representing growth of merely 0.11% from 105,557 million baht reported for 2018. The major conventional media channels, such as TV, were impacted by the rapid changes in technologies, which prompted consumers to access information and media more through online platforms and social media. This factor partially forced seven digital TV operators to cease their operation and returned the licenses to the government agency in charge.   

    At present, streaming TV, i.e. TV programs broadcast on the Internet, is becoming more popular and a trendy content platform. Some examples of streaming TV include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, Apple TV and Hulu. Given the increasing popularity of streaming TV, streaming TV operators have to own or produce some content to serve their own clients (i.e., viewers) across the globe. Therefore, the content production business, in forms of films and series, has been growing very fast in a number of regions worldwide.   

    Matching Maximize Solution Plc. provides advanced filming equipment along with technician personnel with high standard and expertise. In addition, we also offer international standard rental studio under the “The Studio Park” project to efficiently serve international film production crew. In 2019, we had opportunities to provide shooting equipment and studio rental services to the world’s leaders in streaming TV, who produced a number of films and series. This highlights that our services are widely accepted in the international standard level.

    In 2019, the Group earned total revenue of 479.24 million baht, up by 11.80 million baht or 2.52 % on a year-on-year basis. The increase was made possible by the increases in revenue from our equipment rental business and TV program business thanks to good responses from the clients both locally and internationally.  
While the Bank of Thailand cut its economic growth target for 2020 to around 2.8%, our company will enhance our profitability and ensure effective cost and expense management to boost the earnings performance and thus offers better returns to the shareholders

    On behalf of the directors of Matching Maximize Solution Plc, I would like to express my deep gratitude to all shareholders, investors, clients, state organizations, financial institutions, suppliers and all supporters for their endless trust and support. My sincere gratitude also goes to all employees for their continued devotion, capability and cooperation.

(Mr. Sansrit   Yenbamrung)
                          Chairman of the Board Director