Corporate Governance

Good Corporate Governance

    Matching Maximize Solution Public Company Limited (The Company) emphasizes the significance of the
management to ensure good corporate governance as this is a key factor to add value and maximize returns
to the shareholders as well as all stakeholders in the long term. The Company is committed to development
of the corporate governance. The Board of Directors follows the Code of Best Practices and ensures that
the Company’s business operation is strictly under the supervisory principles of the Securities and Exchange
Commission of Thailand (SEC) and the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

    Corporate governance is a part of the Company’s business operation policies, with the commitment to social
responsibility and fairness as well as respects of the right and responsibility for all shareholders, investors,
and stakeholders. The Company always reviews and adjusts corporate governance policies to match the
ongoing changes in regulations and circumstances.

Overview of corporate governance policies and operation guideline
Policies and operation guideline for directors

    Directors are aware and believe that corporate governance will be a key factor benefiting the Company’s
business operation as it can add value and promote the Company’s competitiveness as well as create the
returns to shareholders in the long term. In addition, it will also create confidence among shareholders,
investors and stakeholders as well as related parties. To succeed in corporate governance operation, all
parties in the organization shall collaborate in following the corporate governance principles. Hence, the
Company’s Board of Directors adjusted the existing corporate governance principles to provide operation
guidelines for all management, employees and personnel of the Company as well as the subsidiaries. The
corporate government principles cover the following issues.

    1. Directors, management and employees will follow the corporate governance principles with understanding.
    2. Directors, management and employees will hold on to equal treatment to all stakeholders and perform
        duties to bring maximum benefits to the Company with faithfulness, transparency and ability to securitize.
    3. Ensure appropriate internal control system and risk management
    4. Ensure adequate, reliable and prompt disclosure of important information, without any impacts on the
        Company’s rightful benefits.
    5. Be aware of and stick firmly to fairness and equality; treat shareholders and stakeholders with equality
    6. Directors are encouraged to attend regular trainings, both internally and externally, such as the trainings
        organized by Thai Institute of Directors (IOD).