Sustainable Development Policy

Sustainable Development Policy

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The Company realizes and emphasizes the importance of doing business with responsibility for environment and society under corporate governance principles, based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). These goals focus on balanced development of three key dimensions of sustainability, i.e., economy, society, and environment, as well as various international standards. Therefore, the Company has reviewed the overall sustainable development policy in order to ensure that it covers all sustainable aspects for the current business operation under the corporate governance principles. This is to promote good living quality of all stakeholders in the value chain, with transparency and good safety and sanitary standards for sustainable living with the community. Furthermore, the issues about preservation of national resources and environment are also taken into account. The set policy will lead to stability and sustainability of Company’s business operation. The overall sustainable policy of the Company is described below.

• Focus on optimizing the utilization of resources in the most effective and economical ways, and reduce environmental impacts by applying appropriate technologies to prevent possible impacts on environment that may arise from business operation.
• Promote environmental awareness among employees, and allow employees to participate in  environmental management in order to establish eco-friendly awareness.
• Cooperate with both state and private sectors in resource management and environmental preservations.

• Emphasize the value of personal resources; promote and respect human rights throughout the business chain. Treat all employees with quality and fairness and without discrimination. Provide welfares, safety and sanitary standards at workplace; promote local employment as well as employment of those with fewer opportunities and disabled persons. 

• Promote and support personal development at all levels in order to enhance their potential, operation competency, and effectiveness. Provide new skills or knowledge that can support personnel development, ensuring that all employees are ready to handle potential changes in technologies and innovations that will play key roles in the future.
• Operate business with social responsibilities through effectively organized activities, which will lead to harmonious living in the society and better life quality.

• Be committed to developing of good services in order to meet demand and satisfy clients; and focus on client relation management.
• Develop the strategies for quality and sustainable growth; emphasize the importance of enhancement of supply chain and good internal management in order to be ready for any changes and be able to make some adjustments under various changes in good and clear directions.

Corporate Governance
• Focus on corporate governance by emphasizing the significance of business operation with ethics and respects of the rights of all stakeholders and shareholders, and also be responsible to them in order to ensure stability and sustainability of the Company. 
• Promote and support transparency by providing a mechanism for auditing and power balancing in business operation, which is strictly under laws, rules and regulations; and ensure equality of the rights of all stakeholders. 
• Support corporate governance affairs by establishing corporate governance policies, anti-corruption policies, risk management guidelines, auditing, business ethics guideline, rules and regulations, as required by laws and supervised by supervisory agencies.
• Promote free trade competition; avoid any actions that may cause conflicts of interest and infringe intellectual property; promote responsibility to the society in the business chain.

This policy provides practical guideline for management and employees under the Company’s group so that they would act as good models. All management and employees at all levels should ensure they understand and follow the guideline in order to push the Company and the group to achieve the set goals and objectives, which would lead the Company toward sustainable development and growth in the long term.