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Message From Chairman

Dear shareholders of Matching Maximize Solution Public Company Limited

          In 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic had continued for the second year, with more severe impact than the previous year. The widespread infections prompted the government to impose lockdown restrictions periodically. As a consequence of COVID-19, countries around the globe including Thailand had to withstand economic crisis. Therefore, all sectors had to make some adjustments while people in the society also had to change their daily living behaviors, leading to the changes in working and spending patterns.

          As for our Company, after the big structural reorganization in 2020 in a bid to reduce operating costs and expenses to withstand the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company could manage costs more effectively. In 1Q-2Q21, the infections intensified, leading the government to  impose lockdown restrictions to contain the infections. As a consequence, film producers could not proceed with their normal production operation. However, thanks to our more effective cost management, the Company could manage to reduce losses in the first half of 1H21. Later in 3Q-4Q21, the infections could be brought under better containment, so the Company's customers could resume their production operation at a near-normal level. Therefore, the Company's revenue in 2H21 increased from the figure reported for first half of the  year. The better revenue performance led our earnings performance to turn around to a net profit for two consecutive quarters in 3Q-4Q21, suggesting consistent improvement in our earnings performance prospects.

          For 2022, the Ministry of Finance projects that the Thai economy will grow by 4.0% YoY, which should be driven by potential recovery in the tourism sector following the improvement in the COVID-19 situation and the resumption of international travels. The Company expects that in 2022 we will be able to enhance our business operation efficiency, in terms of better revenue generation, business expansion and professional enhancement of our personnel to offer international standard services, because all these moves should help strengthen the Company and lead to sustainable revenue growth and better earnings performance going forward.

          On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to extend my deep gratitude to shareholders, investors, financial institutions, and all supporters for their continued trust and support.

(Mr. Sansrit   Yenbamrung)
                          Chairman of the Board Director