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Message From Chairman

Dear shareholders of Matching Maximize Solution Public Company Limited

          In 2023 after the COVID-19 crisis had eased, the overall economy tended to consistently recover, especially for the tourism and service sectors. This positive trend also included a return of foreign film crews to Thailand, which picked up and gradually expanded throughout the year.

            The Company, which has been engaged in the business related to media and film production, has continued to enhance our work efficiency to be well prepared for business recovery and competition. For instance, we have improved our cost and expense management efficiency.  In the meantime, we have also adjusted our marketing and sales strategies. Furthermore, we always assessed the worthiness of any new investment projects very carefully. All aforementioned moves were carried out according to the plans. Therefore, the Company's 2023 operating results managed to turn around to a net profit, reflecting that the business recovery went well in line as planned.

           In regard to the Thai economic outlook for 2024, the Ministry of Finance forecasts that the Thai economy will expand by 2.8%. The overall economic growth will continue to be supported by continued growth in the tourism and service sectors. Furthermore, the government has policies to place importance and support the country’s soft power, or Thai culture, to be internationally recognized and appreciated across the globe. Films and videos are considered one of the soft power items, which would be promoted by the government’s policies. Therefore, the film industry and related businesses are likely to continue growing. Thanks to the aforementioned supporting factors, coupled with the ongoing improvement and enhancement of our internal efficiency, the Company therefore expects that 2024 will be a year when the Company can create business opportunities and boost revenue, which would consistently enhance our earnings performance in sustainable ways.

             On behalf of the directors, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all shareholders for your continued trust and support.

(Mr. Sansrit   Yenbamrung)
                          Chairman of the Board Director