Corporate Governance

Define Objective that Promote Sustainable Value Creation

Define Objective that Promote Sustainable Value Creation
    The directors are responsible for determining, considering and approving key matters linked to the
Company’s operation, e.g., vision, missions, objectives, strategies and possible risks. The directors shall
take into account of the value to the Company, clients, shareholders, stakeholders and the society as a whole.

Business Philosophy
    To achieve sustainable growth and properly increase values for the stakeholders while taking account of
relevant environmental aspects and providing benefits to the society as a whole, the Company set the
business philosophy with the aims to:

  • Enhance the competitiveness as a market leader in TV content production business;
  • Become an excellent organization with the working teams committed to creation of new things, based
    on the confidence among one another; the operational standard is set for the management and
    employees at all levels; details of which are as follows:
              - Focus on maximizing benefits for the Company in the long term in order to maximize value to shareholders;
              - Adhere fair treatment to both shareholders and stakeholders
              - Prevent conflicts of interest
              - Perform management with carefulness, caution, caution and responsibility
              - Ensure transparent operation that can be scrutinized
              - Ensure that the Company’s internal control and internal audit systems are up to standard, reliable and efficient
              - Set the Code of ethical Business for directors and employees to follow

    The Board of Directors oversees the Company’s annual plan and strategies, ensuring that they accord the
main goal of the Company, taking into account the potential, relevant factors, ongoing circumstances,
opportunities and acceptable risks. This is evidenced by the Company’s investment in filming equipment, of
which the technology can change rapidly. As the Company are aware that clients tend to choose an
operator who can provide new equipment. Hence, the Company has continued to invest in new equipment
to meet client’s demand; moreover, the Company has also continued to enhance the personnel’s potential
and skill to invent some special equipment with special technique in order to provide technical support for
the clients. Furthermore, regular trainings are provided for personnel, so that they possess extensive
expertise and skills in using equipment to facilitate our clients.

    The Company’s business plans and strategies have been regularly reviewed to be prepared for potential
changes. The Company has completed long-term business plans to ensure that we operate business in the
right direction based on the log-term business plan and strategies and that we can somewhat anticipate some possible events in future.

    To communicate the Company’s vision, mission or major business goal to employees and external parties,
the Company publishes vision, mission, business overview, and business goal in the Company’s website.