Corporate Governance

Ensure Disclosure and Financial Integrity

Ensure Disclosure and Financial Integrity
    The Board of Directors supports the personnel in charge of management and disclosure of financial
information, such as, the head of accounting and finance, the director of accounting and finance
department, accountants, finance staff, the internal auditor, encouraging them to acquire knowledge, skills
and experience appropriate for their responsibilities and ensuring that the Company has sufficient number
of such personnel.

    The Board of Directors arranges the management to monitor and assesse the Company’s financial position
as well as report operating results to the directors on a regular basis. Once any signs of financial liquidity
problems or any signs linked the Company’s ability to settle debts are found, the directors and management
work together to find rational solutions in a prompt manner.

    The Board of Directors ensures the disclosure of information, e.g., financial reports, financial statement,
annual reports, shareholder’s structure and shareholders’ meetings through the Company’s website to
ensure that the information is disclosed equally both internally and externally in a prompt manner and with
the same understanding.