Corporate Governance

Establish Clear Leadership Role and Responsibilities of the Board

Establish Clear Leadership Role and Responsibilities of the Board
    The Company’s directors shall possess skills, knowledge, abilities and extensive experience so that they
can utilize their knowledge, skills, abilities and common senses to determine visions, missions, strategies,
directions, policies, and objectives of the Company. The directors also monitor performance and ensure that
objectives are achieved and perform duties in accordance with policies, regulations and various rules. They
also manage risks, ensuring that the risks are at the acceptable level under the laws, objectives and
shareholders’ meeting resolutions. They shall perform duties with honesty and caution, taking account of
the biggest benefits to the Company. They should also be responsible for shareholders and all stakeholders.
They should also work effectively, efficiently, transparently, with their performance being able to be securitized.

    In addition to the operating performance, the directors should emphasize social issues as well as
environmental and ethical issues. Morals and ethical should be promoted. The Company should strictly
firmly to transparency, honesty, and fairness; it thus announced The Code of Ethical Business as standard
operation guidelines for directors, management, and employees. This Code is clear enough to prevent
wrongdoing or any actions that may damage images and the Code also reflects the Company’s desire to
have everyone strictly follow the laws and the Company’s policies and value. The Company announces its
Code of Ethical Business on the website as a practical guideline for all employees
to perform with efficiency