Corporate Governance

Ensure Effective CEO and People Management

Ensure Effective CEO and People Management
    The Nomination and Remuneration Committee set the criteria and policy to nominate and appoint the
Company’s directors and top executives and propose the list for an approval of the Board of Directors and/or an
Annual General Meeting of Shareholders. A person to be appointed as the company’s director shall possess
qualifications as specified by the Public Limited Company Act B.E. 2535, laws relating to securities and securities
exchange market, notifications of the Stock Exchange Commission (SEC), notifications of the Capital Market
Advisory Board and/or other regulations regarding other qualifications, such as work experience, knowledge, and
etc. According to the Company’s regulation, the Company’s Board of Directors consists of at least five members
and at least half of the total members shall reside in the Kingdom of Thailand. In addition, the Company’s directors
shall be elected by majority voting in the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders as the following details:

    1. Each shareholder shall have one vote per share held by them.
    2. Each shareholder shall cast all of his/her votes in (1) for one or more candidates but shall not divide
        his/her voting rights amongst the candidates.
    3. The candidates elected to fill up the vacant positions in the Board of Directors shall be selected in
        order of the number of the votes received. In a case there is a tie amongst candidates, the chairman
        of the meeting shall cast the deciding vote.

    The Board of Directors oversees the management operation and personnel development. The board ensures
that human resource management is carried out in accordance with the Company’s vision, goals and
strategies. They make sure that trainings are provided for employees to educate them, enhance their
knowledge, ability and skills as well as motivate them as appropriate. Finally, the Board of Directors also
arranges the establishment of employee’s provident fund for their pensions.