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CEO's Announcement on Anti-Corruption Policy

CEO's Announcement on Anti-Corruption Policy

Matching Maximize Solution PCL adheres to the virtues of conducting business with honesty, transparency, fairness, and accountability according to its Good Corporate Governance Code. We believe that a company grows sustainably, not only from its ability to compete in the market, but also from its transparency in conducting business free from corruption. We are aware that corruption is a critical obstacle that is detrimental to society, thus, we have announced our intention to join the Thai private sector's effort in combating corruption.

The company has established an Anti-Corruption Policy and suggestive measures which are specified in the Corporate Governance Code and the Company's ethics guidelines. We aim to communicate the policy among our employees as well as to our allies, in order to encourage our committee members, executives, employees, and all involved parties, to adhere to the codes of transparency, honesty, and accountability.

Therefore, the company asks that committee members, executives, and employees strictly comply with this anti-corruption policy, so that the company can work efficiently and develop sustainably in the future.

Mr.Chayanont Ulit 
Chief Executive Officer 
Matching Maximize Solution PCL

CEO's Announcement on Anti-Corruption Policy ::Download.(pdf)