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Chairman's Message on Anti-Corruption Plan

Chairman's Message on Anti-Corruption Plan

Matching Maximize Solution PCL ("the company") has always emphasised the importance of conducting and managing its business with honesty, transparency fairness, accountability, and responsibility to society, according to its Good Corporate Governance Code. Therefore, the company would like to be a part of the private sector's efforts in combating corruption. To assure all relevant parties that the company actively follows the code, we have established an "anti-corruption and bribery policy", which aims to cultivate awareness of the dcorruptiangers of corruption in the minds of our executives and employees. This policy, we believe, will motivate transparent development of the company and exhibit our determination to combat both direct and indirect corruption.

The company would like to build a corporate culture that rejects all types of corrupt business transactions within both the public and private sectors. We believe that this anti-corruption policy will contribute to a critical change, and we earnestly hope to receive cooperation and endorsement from all involved parties in order to realise the company's intention to remain corruption-free.

Mr.Sansrit Yenbamrung
Matching Maximize Solution PCL

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