Corporate Governance


On November 25, 2020, Matching Maximize Solution Public Company Limited signed in Thailand’s
Private Sector Collective Action Against Corruption. The coalition has objectives to create standards
for transparent business and enhance business ethical standards. Accordingly, the Company
announced an anti-corruption policy aimed at tightening internal control measures and preventing
corruption practices, e.g., offering gifts, special service compensation, and other expenses to officials
or any individuals that may involve conflict of interests; receiving gifts or assets from outsiders: if the
values or gifts are high and it is believed that receiving of such gifts is not appropriate, such items
shall be returned to senders. Regarding work transparency, all budget disbarment transactions must
be done in accordance with the Company’s regulation. Regarding a procedure to choose a supplier,
the purchasing department has to follow bidding process. Moreover, the Company also arranges
whistle blowing action and determine a guideline to protect whistle blowers under the relevant legal

Anti-corruption ::Download.(pdf)