Corporate Governance

Responsibility to communities, society, environment and the state sector

The Company has a policy to run business while taking into account the communities, society, environment, and the state sector. In 2022, the Company announced ‘Sustainable Development Policy “or ESG Policy” in order to create awareness and emphasize support on activities for communities, society, and environment based on principles set forth by the state sector. All directors, management and employees are required to follow the existing laws and regulations related to the communities, society and the state sector.  In case there are no certain laws on some particular matters, the Company treats communities, society, environment and the state sector with responsibility as the follow details:
    4.1 Operate business under laws and the Company’s regulations;
    4.2 Operate business under laws and relevant state orders and regulations;
    4.3 Take into account environmental aspects and decent tradition and culture;
    4.4 Encourage the directors, management and employees to act as good citizens who contribute to
          communities and society; and
    4.5 Respect virtuous national culture when doing business.

The Company has established the ESG working panel to outline operation plans and ensure that overal business operation conform to the guidelines determined by the Board of Directors.