Corporate Governance

Responsibility to business partners

Responsibility to business partners
The Company wishes to provide goods and services under good standards and ethics. Suppliers are
invited to offer the bids and the selection process is appropriately carried out. There are appropriate
criteria for selection of business partners with proper contracts being signed. The Company also
ensures that the conditions stated in the contracts are strictly followed in order to prevent corruption
in the procurement process. The Company has a policy to keep clients’ and partners’ information
confidential in the fair and independent business operation. No wrongdoing is conducted in the
business operation between business partners and contract partners. There are no acts of bribery or
provision of presents for other parties for business benefits. The Company upholds fair business
practice under the decision principles based on comparison of conditions, prices and quality. In
addition, services are provided with transparency, which can be securitized. Under any circumstances,
the Company is strongly prohibited from offering or gaining improper business benefits.
The Company is committed to sustenance of sustainable relation with partners and contract parties
with clear objectives about values of goods and services, worthwhile services, technical quality and
trust between each party. The Company makes payment to business partners and contact partners
in accordance with the agreed payment terms and conditions.