Corporate Governance

Ensure Engagement and Communication with Shareholders

Although the voting right of shareholders depends on the portion their stakeholding, this does not mean that their basic rights as stakeholders are different. The Company equally treats the stakeholders regardless of genders, ages, nationality, races, religions, belief, and political opinions. In case that any shareholders are unable to attend a meeting, they have the right to attend the meeting by proxy.

In every shareholder meeting, all shareholders have the rights and equality of receiving information, expressing opinions, and asking questions in accordance with the meeting agenda and the issues discussed in the meeting. The chairman of the meeting is responsible for allocating appropriate time for the shareholders to ask questions as well as encouraging them to express their opinions. Normally the shareholders are able to obtain the meeting details and agendas from the Company’s website prior to the meeting date. To promote the rights of the shareholders, the Company posts an announcement encouraging the shareholders to nominate a person to take the role of a director and suggest additional meeting agendas for the annual general meetings of shareholders. A set of clear operation guideline is established. The Company has a policy to hold an annual general meeting of shareholders once a year within four months after the end of the previous fiscal year.

The Company allows shareholders to exercise their rights in proposing meeting agendas and nominating qualified persons as directors in the annual general meetings. The clear details of this are released on the Company’s websites. Shareholders may propose meeting agendas and nominate qualified persons as directors ahead of the scheduled meetings through the specified channels or email to The Company Secretary would screen the proposed agendas and nominated persons before passing them to the Nomination and Remuneration and the Board of Directors, respectively. The results would be subsequently informed to the proposing shareholders immediately. Once approved, such proposals would be included in the agendas of the next meeting.

For the 2022 AGM, the Company invited shareholders to propose agendas and nominate persons as directors during October 5, 2021 to December 31, 2021, but no proposal or nomination was made.

The Company discloses the meeting agendas on the Company’s website within the date the agendas are approved by the Board of Directors; this is to allow all shareholders to learn about the information regarding the meeting date and the meeting agendas. Details about meeting agendas are disclosed to the shareholders 21 days prior to the shareholder meeting. The meetings are attended by the chairman of Board of Directors, the chairman of the Audit Committee, the directors and the members of Audit Committee. The Board of Directors treats all shareholders with equality in terms of related licenses of the shareholders. The Company assigns Thailand Securities Depository Co., Ltd. as the registrar for all shareholders meetings. The Company sends the notice to annual general meeting, which includes meeting agendas and clear indication whether such agendas are for acknowledgement, approval or consideration. In addition, comments from the directors about such matters are included. All related meeting documents are provided so that all shareholders study the matters beforehand and before making decisions in the meeting. Meeting documents are sent to shareholders no less than 14 days prior to the meeting date or any other timeframes as indicated by related laws. Advertising on the meeting shall be published on a newspaper for three consecutive days and at least three days prior to the meeting.

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